prep cook - seasonal

Kowaliga Restaurant, 295 Kowaliga Marina Road, Alexander City, AL 35010

Position Description

Prep Cooks perform various food preparation, cooking and cleaning tasks to ensure the kitchen remains efficient in creating and delivering dishes for patrons. Their duties and responsibilities include:

•Completing all tasks, in order, on the prep list from the Head Chef or other kitchen manager
•Labeling and stocking all ingredients on easily accessible shelves
•Washing, chopping and sorting ingredients like fruits, vegetables and meats
•Measuring quantities of seasonings and other cooking ingredients
•Parboiling food, reducing sauces and starting first steps in various dishes
•Cleaning dishes, washing cooking utensils and cookware, taking out the trash and sanitizing kitchen
•Adhering to all relevant nutrition and sanitary regulations and standards
•Keeping track of ingredient inventory and collaborating with other kitchen and management staff to order resupply

Type: Other